Our humble beginnings find its foundation in the pioneering spirit and the unfaltering enthusiasm fueling the Phoenix Distillery. Established in 2015, the Phoenix Distillery is where it all started. The goal was simple: create a spirit that would forge a benchmark in the Nepalese whiskey industry, and proudly represent the nation on a global scale. Lucky for us, the fertile soils and pure spring waters of the pristine mid hills of Nepal laid the groundwork for our endeavors. What followed was a long and meticulous process of research, development, and experimentation to create the perfect bottle of high quality, single barrel malt whiskey. No half measures were taken in our pursuit for perfection. By putting together an expert team of Master Blenders from Ireland, Scotland, and Poland, along with an elite group of highly skilled distillers in Nepal, we were finally able to create something that we were proud of.

Our Collection


Whiskey was the foundation of Phoenix Distillery; this is where it all began. The J89 Single Barrel Malt Whiskey was the first of its kind in Nepal. Distilled with an unparalleled passion, the J89 Single Barrel Malt Whiskey paved way for Label, a completely new whiskey with a completely new taste. Finally, we pulled out all the stops to unveil a limited edition, rare cask whiskey that has been double matured in two coveted barrels: The J89 Doublewood.


For our vodka, we harked upon the craftsmen that have been perfecting the art for generations and created Polska. A Polish vodka with a Nepali twist, Polska is the first Vodka in Asia that has been aged in a barrel. This revolutionary process smoothens our vodka to enhance the true taste of the spirit.

J89 Whiskey

J89 double wood


Polska vodka

Our Story

Disciple of the Craft.

Phoenix Distillery emerged from humble beginnings. Our story is embellished by the persistent efforts of craftsmen dedicated to the venerated art of whiskey making and the endless pursuit of establishing the distillery as a formidable force in the liquor industry of Nepal.

We have a simple and straightforward ethos: go above and beyond to ensure that each bottle that leaves our distillery instigates smiles, laughter, and engrossing conversations.

We are a brand-new distillery. We can't afford to be conservative if we want to thrive. We must be prepared to take chances, defy tradition, and be filled with the creative impulse to seek the paramount rather than average.


Phoenix Distillery


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