Polska vodka

About Polska

  • Patented technology

    Our unique filtration technology, traditional recipe & the expertise of our polish master distillers inculate polska’s well-rounded and pleasent flavor. Crafted by gently trickling the perfect melange of noble natural spirit & artisan aquifer spring water through micro porous creatives of a platinum filter gurantees that we are a cutabove any off the shelf vodka. Briefly aging it in our porter barrels is the piece de resistance of Nepal’s first barrel-aged vodka.

  • The Process

    Polska was not something we conjured overnight. We took our time 5 whole years of it, to perfect our vodka.5 years, 8 recipes (hyperlink to Recipe no. Dziewiec (8)) and countless delightfultasting sessions later, we formulated the definitive process.

  • Harvesting and Fermenting

    We go to great lengths to make surewe get our wheat from the most pristine farmlands of Poland, which is then fermented for the next step.

  • Distilled 7 Times Over

    Our fermented grains then undergo a careful, 7-step distillation process where each step works towards revealing the true essence of our vodka by removing the impurities but retaining the flavor and character of our grain spirit.

  • Barrel Aging

    Barrel aging is what sets Polska apart. We ve gone the extra mileand briefly aged the Polska in our uncharred Sessile Oak barrels. This helps to take the edge off the finished product and smooths out any potential harshness

  • Platinum Filtration

    The Platinum Filtration we use with Polskais a complex procedure of treating vodka that elevates its taste, clarity, and pureness. The 4 stage process involves pre-filtering, carbon filtering, gold filtering, and finally platinum filtering where each stage provides additional refinement to the spirit.

  • Nepali Water

    Water plays a crucial role in the production of vodka. It has a great effect on the overall character of the final distillate and contributes to texture and mouthfeel. We dilute our spirit with the pure spring waters from the Nepalese Himalayas to 40% ABV.

  • Bottling

    All that’s left to do is bottle our vodka so that you can get your hands on it.

  • Dziewiec

    We’ve left no stone unturned in the process of devising the perfect recipe for Polska. Under the control and supervision of our Master vodka crafts man from Poland, we took our time to create a faultless formula for our wheat spirit. Finding the perfect amalgamation of the neutral spirits imported from Poland with the pure spring waters of the Nepalese Himalayas was no easy task. Thankfully, all the effort we put into it paid off. Seven recipes later, recipe number Dziewiec, the 8th recipe, was the one that made the cut. The end result? Polska: one of the most evidently elegant tasting vodkas around.

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